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About: CWJOOST LEGO® Store & Webshop

Born from passion and experience for LEGO in the past,
till a webshop full of LEGO from now on

Born out of passion and experience for LEGO® in the past,
to a LEGO Shop & Webshop full of LEGO products from now on.
CWJOOST has a broad experience in LEGO and everything that has to do with LEGO.
CWJoost in 2019

The year 2019 has just started and CWJoost just keeps on growing!

After the hectic party months in 2018, the new LEGO Releases were ready in January 2019.
Dozens of new sets were ready to enter the store & webshop!
With these new LEGO releases and various new LEGO Licensed products, the range in the store and webshop has grown to over 600 different LEGO sets and LEGO products.

In the coming year, CWJoost will continue to grow, grow and grow again!
To grow?
Yes, in the broadest sense of the word!
- The intention is for the range of new LEGO products to grow further to an offer of more than 700 different LEGO products, both in the store and in the webshop.
- Growth in the form of professionalizing, improving and synchronizing the store and webshop.
- Growing through the expansion of the range of new LEGO products with an offer of LEGO used sets and parts.
- Grow with the number of exhibitions we are on.
- Grow for the experience and pleasure of increasing LEGO's brand and products, such as more built-up sets in the store and writing more blogs for the webshop.
- To grow? Yes, there are also jitters to continue to grow as a store, or in 2019 there are really opportunities to organize this is still the question, but dreams may and as CWJoost says:

'' quote CWJoost ''
Let your dreams come true, let's brick them with LEGO


CWJoost in 2018

The year 2018 is the year in which CWJoost opens a fully-fledged and independent 100% LEGO Shop!
After a year full of expansions in 2017, CWJoost will grow rapidly in 2018 into a fully-fledged and independent 100% LEGO Shop & 100% LEGO Webshop.

At the start of 2018, the year was the year in which the growing line in CWJoost continued its operations.
In addition to the growth, the prices on LEGO products were significantly reduced, with the discounts as standard rising to a whopping 20% ​​discount on the LEGO retail price.

The range of LEGO products including BOC sets at CWJoost.com & .nl as well as the supply in CWJoost store in store have grown into an offer of more than 500 different products.
Due to the constantly growing supply, the store in store became too small and it was decided to look at the options for an independent retail space.

Finding an independent retail space was not easy, because there was a great importance attached to location, surface area, accessibility and of course not too unimportant the costs for this!
After a period of 2 months looking around, visiting retail spaces, talking about it and dreaming away, CWJoost ended up with a tip in Waalre.
CWJoost was not that enthusiastic about this at first, because Waalre was a bit further away and CWJoost was based in Store in Eindhoven.
But to a first viewing, a phone call and a second viewing, the enthusiasm increased.
Both the location and the store itself were ideal and an excellent opportunity to start with an independent retail space!
After a short period of impatient waiting, the contract was signed and the independent retail space became a fact!

In the second week of August, CWJoost received the keys and the jobs could begin.
Work was hectic, especially because it was decided to open on 1 September.
Before construction, the first and other had to be demolished so that CWJoost could start building and furnishing the retail space.

And then the moment was there, the opening on September 1st.
CWJoost officially opened its doors on 1 September!
No it was not an exuberant and biggest opening, but it was a cozy and cozy opening with a nice turnout of enthusiastic and curious visitors of all ages.

Since the opening, CWJoost has been working on increasing the range, professionalizing the store and the experience & experience with and to bring about and enhance the LEGO® brand.

CWJoost in 2017

The year 2017 was a year full of expansions and professionalization!
For example, we have expanded our range of LEGO sets, including a large number of LEGO Exclusives sets such as modular buildings and LEGO Ideas.
April 2017 this webshop went online!
Here we have first chosen a good basis and operation and where of course the brand and the products of LEGO® are central.
Pleasure, experience, simplicity and quality are central here.

After the opening of CWJoost.com & CWJoost.nl, CWJoost opened a store in store in Eindhoven.
In CWJoost's store in store, just like CWJoost's webshop, the brand and the products of LEGO® were central.
With the opening of the store in store, CWJoost was the first and only one in Eindhoven and far beyond that is fully specialized in the LEGO® brand.
Besides the products of the LEGO® brand, CWJoost also sells sets of the BOC brand (Bricksworld Own Creations).

At the end of 2017, CWJoost started selling LEGO® Licensed products, such as lunch boxes & drinking cups.

CWJoost in 2016

Started with Collectibles and Vintage LEGO sets.
In early 2016, this was extended with LEGO sets designed by BOC and used batches with sorted & carefully controlled LEGO components.
Halfway through 2016 we started selling new LEGO sets designed by LEGO.
At the end of 2016, the decision was taken to expand to a private web shop, which is provided with all the comforts so that we can share our experience and passion better.