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LEGO® Ideas

LEGO® Ideas where your LEGO idea can become reality !!!

LEGO® Ideas has been the new name for LEGO® Cuusoo since 2014.
The first set with the LEGO Ideas logo is the 21108 Ghostbusters set.

LEGO Ideas, formerly known as CUUSOO, is a Japanese partner of The LEGO Group.
They work with the LEGO Group to produce community supported sets. If an idea submitted to the website gains 10,000 (originally 1,000) supporters, it stands a chance of being produced as an official LEGO product.
CUUSOO and LEGO began working together in 2008 and the scheme was launched worldwide on April 23, 2011. Originally, it was based solely in Japan, and LEGO CUUSOO projects required only 1,000 supports to be considered for production. In October 2011, it was announced that, starting in October, anyone could upload a creation to lego.cuusoo.com. If their creation receives 10,000 supporters, it will be reviewed by the LEGO Group for a chance to be made into an official LEGO product. On April 30, 2014, CUUSOO was replaced by LEGO Ideas.

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