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LEGO® Creator

LEGO® Creator is the series for the real builder.

Consist of different themes that look very realistic.
The larger sets are pretty challenging and LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 is really something for the creative LEGO® enthusiast who wants to build.
Sets with a quantity of stones and a booklet with examples about a specific theme.
Of course you can also unleash your imagination with LEGO®.

With the LEGO® Creator series your child can endlessly experiment with houses, cars, planes and creatures.
The 3-in-1 sets from LEGO® Creator give you a choice of three exciting models for even more construction and gaming fun.

Make the most beautiful houses, vehicles and animals and discover a world full of exciting stories and adventures.
The beautifully detailed models can always be built in new ways, for hours of creative fun.

Build, play and create in a world full of imagination with the LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 sets!

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Race Car
Cute Pug
Extreme Engines
9,99 8,49
Drone Explore
9,99 8,49
Helicopter Adventure
9,99 8,99
Dune Buggy
12,99 11,00
Deep Sea Creatures
17,99 15,00
Futuristic Flyer
17,99 15,00
Daredevil Stunt Plane 3-in-1
19,99 15,99
Mythical Creatures 3-in-1
17,99 16,00
Mighty Dinosaurs 3-in-1
17,99 16,00
Rocket Rally Car 3-in-1
19,99 17,00
Underwater Robot
19,99 17,50
Sunset Track Racer
19,99 17,50
Mini London Bus
Shuttle Transporter
26,99 22,50
Mini Volkswagen Beetle
Sunshine Surfer Van 3-in-1
34,99 27,99
Race Plane
34,99 29,50
Riverside Houseboat
34,99 29,50
Modular Sweet Surprises
39,99 31,99
Modular Skate House 3-in-1
44,99 35,99
Mobile Stunt Show
54,99 43,99
Cruising Adventures
54,99 43,99