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LEGO® 4+

LEGO® 4+ is the ideal next step for LEGO® DUPLO®.

The LEGO® Juniors sets are sets composed of larger LEGO® parts.
Give your child between 4 and 7 years all fun, familiar LEGO® playing themes with sets that are perfectly adapted to his or her building skills.

Are specially designed for novice builders.
With these sets children can discover the possibilities of LEGO® stones and their self-confidence is developed as they begin more difficult constructions.

The series has been developed to give children a good start with LEGO® construction toys.
There are sets based on everyday life with models such as excavators and a police station, and others more like fantasy figures such as superheroes and princesses.
With several sets there is a handy storage box for the stones.

LEGO® Juniors offers children the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO building toys.

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Traffic Light Patrol
Road Repair Truck
9,99 8,49
Guido and Luigi's Pit Stop
9,99 8,49
Woody & RC
9,99 8,50
Emma’s Mobile Vet Clinic
9,99 8,99
Sky Police Jet Patrol
9,99 8,99
Barbecue Burn Out
9,99 8,99
Spider-Man Car Chase
9,99 8,99
Rebel A-Wing Starfighter
14,99 13,50
Belle's Story Time
16,99 14,99
Mountain Police Chase
19,99 15,99
Mia's Organic Food Market
19,99 15,99
Duke Caboom's Stunt Show
19,99 17,00
Carnival Thrill Coaster
19,99 17,50
Tie Fighter Attack
19,99 17,50
Cinderella's Carriage Ride
19,99 17,50
Mia’s Foal Stable
19,99 17,50
Carbage Truck
19,99 17,50
Pteranodon Escape
24,99 19,99
Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown
24,99 19,99
Ariel's Castle
26,99 22,50
Buzz and Bo Peep's Playground Adventure
26,99 23,00
Joker Batcave Attack
29,99 23,99
Doc Ock Diamond Heist
29,99 24,99