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LEGO® Books

LEGO® Licensed books:
read, draw, build and much more .......

Read, draw, build and much more, it is all possible with the LEGO® Licensed books.
With the LEGO® Licensed books you get a unique LEGO® product.
The LEGO® books are available in a large number of variants.
Whether it's about being educated with your toddler, looking for a nice reference book or fun facts and facts!

LEGO® Licensed books:
a unique gift for young and old, for yourself and another!

If you are looking for a nice and unique gift, you have found it!
From the very youngest to the adults, nice LEGO® Licensed books are available.
So you already have a surprising LEGO® Duplo flapper book for the allergen length from 2+!
There are also fantastic books to get ideas and inspiration for creating fun new LEGO constructions!
A reading book, yes, there are also, for example, for example the book:
This fun reading book is the ideal book for every LEGO The Movie 2 enthusiast!

LEGO® Licensed books:
the quality you're used to from the brick ... only in a book!

The LEGO® Licensed books are not just for a lot of reading, - or construction, fun,
but also for high quality!
Just as a lot of time and attention is paid to the quality of the LEGO® bricks, this can also be found in these LEGO® Licensed books!
Or the book now one;
Hard Cover, Paper Back, Soft Cover,
thick or thin,
comprehensive, educational, cute or playful,
big or small,
you can see the high quality in all books!

LEGO® Licensed books:
for young and old, large or small,
LEGO® Licensed books are there for every LEGO® fan!

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Drawing Pleasure (Dutch Version)
8,99 7,50
Star Wars Vriendenboek (Dutch Version)
10,50 8,50
The Book of the Film (Dutch Version)
11,99 9,99
Stop the Invasion! Destroy this Book! (Dutch Version)
12,99 10,00
Who is hiding there? ( Dutch Version)
12,99 10,99
Birthday Surprise Book (Dutch Version)
14,99 12,00
Super Great Logbook! (Dutch Version)
14,99 12,50